Circuit Playground connect to E-ink paper no MISO pin?

Hello :slight_smile: I have watched your video on YouTube and read documentation from Adafruit website but did not found a clear answer how to connect Circuit Playground Express or Bluefruit to any display that has MISO pin. I don’t know if it is needed or not because some display like Gizmo does not require this pin but E-ink paper Friends Breakout from Adafruit has this MISO on it and I’m curious how can I connect that.

I have looked into a documentation page, their picture diagram, and this page of breakouts

And finalize what the pin suppose to be like this – my diagram
The light blue lines are totally a guessing. There is no example of where to connect that. And after using this it looks like I have no pin left but power and audio (A0).

Can anyone clarify this if I need the MISO pin or if this board is not capable of connecting to E-ink paper?

If you never read from the peripheral, you don’t need to connect MISO.