Coin Cell Battery - 12mm (CR1225) [Bulk, Minimum of 5 Units] (PRT-00337)

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CR1225 lithium metal 3V 12mm 47mAh coin cell batteries. Perfect small battery for miniature sensor node applications.

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Need 34 x cr1225 batteries to laverton north Victoria 3026 by cob Tuesday 23rd of august can pick them up in Melbourne area of needed

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How is it different from CR2025? Is it thinner in size?

Hi Hayden,

Welcome! Core’s an online store, just taking orders through the website. The stock levels are live and as of writing this there are 49 in stock - note that there’s some new legislation that passed recently regarding the use of coin cells

Hey Tepalia,

A little, the diameter is a bit smaller - fun note about how the coin cells are named based on chemistry and size
CR2025 - Lithium - 20mm diam, 2.5mm height
CR1225 - 12mm diam, 2.5mm height

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