Hi, is this device compatible with a raspberry Pi 4? thanks

Digital IR Receiver Module(Arduino Compatible)

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The short answer is you can get it to work, but it won’t be plug and play.

The long answer:
There’s always two sides to this - hardware and software.

On the hardware side, the pi is a 3.3v device while older Arduinos (like the ever popular Uno) are 5v. Most things that call themselves Arduino compatible are 5v.

Since this device provides a digital signal (as opposed to an analogue signal) this can be overcome quite easily with a (Logic) Level Converter:

A Pi does have 5v power available so this is all you’d need (besides some wires etc. to connect things up).

On the software side, DFRobot’s library is written for an Arduino, so you’ll need to find your own. The good news is it looks like this is nothing more than a standard 38kHz IR receiver mounted on a PCB for convenience - this is a very commonly used part so there’s libraries for these on pretty much everything.

A quick google for pi 38kHz IR library brought up this great tutorial:

Edit: As an aside, you should share your project with the community here. I’m always keen to see what people are doing :slight_smile:


OK, well i guess following on from this, im planning on installing Android TV on the Pi, using the LineageOS build
What would be the easiest, most cost effective way to enable an IR input to the device with this in mind?



Hi Steven,

The easiest way to do this would be a FLIRC USB dongle:

These are super easy to use, with a config utility for PC, Mac, and Linux, that you can use to set which keystroke gets sent out when it recieves a certain IR command. Android should be able to deal with these keystrokes, according to this guide:

Keen to see you get this up and running!