Newby Project - AV & IR routing


I wanted to reach out to the forum first before I start this project for some pointers. This is all new to me from an electronics point of view so please bare with me.

I have 3 TVs that are all going back to a HDMI Matrix where I have my AV gear (Fetch / Foxtel, Media player). I have some IR extenders going from each TV to the comms rack and Matrix where I can use the my Fetch TV, Foxtel, Matrix Remote from any TV to switch sources.

Since the Matrix only comes with one remote, I have to take it with me to each room to switch sources and that defeats the purpose.

I’m trying to now emulate the remote for the matrix (even the fetch tv one if possible) where I can use my phone or a programmable generic remote where I can load the codes for these two remote into it and leave it at each room.

House is all connected by wifi and I have some data points in the comms room

Do you have some suggestions on what I can do here as a small project to achieve this?

This YouTube video by Andreas Spiess may give you some ideas for your remote control. Also check Andreas’s video #171 on reading the actual codes from IR remotes.

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Hi Robin,

Thanks for the links.

I was thinking of starting with the Uno R3 ( ) and the kit below to read the codes from my existing remote and then copy the code to the remote in the kit.

Or another idea (which I don’t know which parts I would need to achieve this) would be to have a box that is sitting on my WIFI network and has an infrared emitter pointing at my HDMI matrix where I can send the commands via an app from my phone instead of using that remote.

Any suggestions / guidance would be much appreciated

Hi Patrick,

Have you had a look at commands being sent to an arduino using one of the following boards. You’d then need to use PWM or another form of communication with the IR led to be able to control your devices based on the recorded outputs of the normal remote.

All the best with it!

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