Compact Din Rail AC/DC Power Supply

I am seeking guidance on the following for a home project I am working on

For Stage 1 of the project I am seeking to avoid having to run separate power supplies for the Raspberry Pi and the temperature/humidity sensor and am looking to get my hands on a Din Rail Supply AC to DC 5V/12V and wanted to know if anyone had any suggestions

Thanking you in advance Stuart

Hi Stuart,

Did you already have a particular temperature and humidity sensor you wanted to use?

We have plenty of temperature and humidity sensors that can be run from the Raspberry Pi without needing their own power supply.
Our PiicoDev atmospheric sensor can be connected without the need for soldering and will draw power from the Pis 3.3V rail.

We don’t stock Din Rail power supplies, we only have a handful of Din rail mounts for PCBs, Raspberry Pis, and other things.

Edit: Is there a reason the supply itself must be Din rail mounted instead of just using a plugpack and connecting to a Din rail mounted Pi?

There are plenty around. Try Element 14, RS Components or the MeanWell site like this one

This comes in various wattage as shown in the data sheet. Might suit.
Cheers Bob

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Trent apologies I should have mentioned the unit I am using.

I purchased the SEN0438 (DF Robot) Temperature and humidity sensor which requires a 12-36V dc source. The reason I picked this sensor was because it uses RS485 and allows me to retrieve temperature and humidity data using Modbus RTU. This was important as my end goal is to connect directly to my EDMI Atlas retail energy meter which uses modbus RTU over RS485 so it was a simple way for me to experiment with node red to interface with a simple device before moving onto my energy meter and solar inverter.

Kind Regards Stuart

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Thanks for that Bob. My issue is I am after a dual output supply with both 5V and 12V.

As per your advice I will have a bit more of a hunt on the sites you mentioned and see how I go

Regards Stuart

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Hi Stuart
MeanWell do have dual supplies but not sure about din rail mounting.
The particular model I linked is 12W and come in various voltages including 12V and at 17.5mm wide the use of 2 supplies would only take up 35mm of rail space. The other higher power models are HDR-30 and HDR-60 and I have not looked up their dimensions but they may not be much larger, will leave that bit up to you.

I am assuming you are using the 35/7.5 or 35/15 Din rail as I think these are the most used. Din rail comes in several profiles, most are symmetrical but some are not.
.Cheers Bob

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Hi Stuart,

Sounds like you’ve got the requirements pretty well sorted out. I’d say Bob’s suggestion of a Mean Well supply from Element 14 or RS components will be the best fit for the project if you’ve got everything in DIN rail form factor already.

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