PiicoDev RPI Adapter + soldering extra pins?

I’m currently making a weather station using the PiicoDev Air Quality Sensor, Temp/humidity/pressure sensor, OLED screen. (using Pi Zero 2W, RPI Adapter, mounted on Dev platform).

I’m also interested in adding the DFRobot Lightning sensor. so you can have either, but not both.
I’m aware of the second I2C bus, but that looks like a rats nest of address hacking and driver mods?
So, after looking at the Piicodev adapter, especially the holes on top, is it possible to solder extra pins on to the adpter at 3v3,GND, D2, D3, another one for the lightning sensor IRQ. and effectively ‘piggy back’ the lightning sensor on top of the adapter?


Hi Laurence,

We can absolutely add both to the same I2C bus as all of the other PiicoDev devices!

Once you have it wired in just set it up the same as Tim did in his guide: Lightning Sensor with a Raspberry Pi Single Board Computer - 40 KM RADIUS RANGE! - Tutorial Australia

Keen to see it running!


Thank you for the help!
Sorry for the late reply. It works as intended (well almost as it’s late and I’m too tired to add the OLED/ENS160/BME280 code!) The IRQ was the last piece of the puzzle GPIO16/D16 = physical pin 36 / IRQ_PIN = 36 which had me worried that I’d damaged something. It does trigger when I click a plasma arc lighter. So with the exception of finding a new IRQ, it was word for word from Tim’s guide. For what it’s worth I chose the Zero2w so I could remote VNC and check the data until I master Asyncio and Web servers etc, then I might go back to a Pico for the final hard wired version.