Configuring the USB-C Power Delivery Board Using the LinkM USB to I2C adaptor

I have a project where the Sparkfun USB-C Power Delivery Board would be a perfect solution I’m using a 96.5wh USB-C PD Compliant power bank which I would like to configure its output for 12V 3A.

In order to easily configure the onboard STUSB4500 profile I was wondering if this could be easily achieved using the LinkM USB to I2C adaptor instead of using the SparkFun RedBoard?

Hey Tim,

Interesting idea, what’s the particular output of the 96.5wh USB-C PD Compliant power bank currently? I’ll see what options we’ve got available in order to regulate that for you appropriately.

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Hi Bryce,

By default the USB-C ports output is 5V 3A.

Ideally I would like to have the power bank regulate the output voltage by configuring it using the USB-C PD protocol therefore allowing me to easily assemble and configure the power supply by simply connecting the PC to the power delivery boards I2C port and updating the STUSB4500 profile to suit the projects power requirements.

Hi Tim,

Yes, I agree, that board that you’ve linked would be the best option in this case. I’ve linked the part that we supply below for you. Unfortunately, we don’t supply the LinkM USB to I2C adaptor as it’s been retired from our stock (as Oliver said, it seems that you’ve got the last one :smile:). Although, any similar adapter should be able to perform that same function.

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Hi Tim,

Sorry, to clarify, you bought the last one we had on shelf of the LinkM module and Bryce though that it was an old product. I’d recommend checking out Sparkfun’s Arduino Library for the USB-C PD board on GitHUB:

Basically you’ll need to re-implement this library for use with the LinkM. There’s a fair bit of info on the datasheet for it. I’d recommend looking at their C APIon the GitHub:

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