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Power LP with Powerbank

Hi All. I have just received my LP Alpha :slight_smile: .
I have a 50Ah LIPO powerbank which has a variable DC output of 12v/16v/19/20v at 4.7A.
I should be able to connect the LP C power input to the LIPO DC out?


Hey Peter,

That’s great, according to the Latte Panda Documentation ( standard power is DC 12V@3A but the Alpha is capable of handling a range of 10 to 15 V recommended at 36 Watts so a 12V supply capable of 4.7A providing 56.4 Watts such as the one you’re using should work fine. (Still worth checking the documentation to ensure proper connection to the board) Have fun with your board!


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Hey thanks Bryce.
I am using a DC plug. would presume the Tip be Positive?