Connect stereo 3w amp to pi zero via gpio pins

Im attempting to connect an small stereo 3w amplifier module to the raspberry pi zero w.
Im a noob to electronics so please keep it simple.
I hope to make a portable gaming system for retropie.
Im hoping to get some help on the wiring of the amp to the pi zero gpio pins. In particular the ground of power input and the audio input from the pi zero to the ground inputs on the 2 x 3w
amp. Should these all be connected to the one ground gpio pin on the pi zero?

Hi Chris,

Something appears to have gone wrong with your post - were you referring to this product?

Thanks for the reply Graham
Sorry my bad.

This is the 2 x3w amplifier module im hoping to connect.
Im unsure of the grounding of the power and audio input to the amp from the pi zero w gpio pins. Do I connect a single ground pin from the pi to both the power and audio in ground on the amp or can i use more than one ground pin from the pi?

Hi Chris,

It won’t matter the GND pins will all be connected internally on both boards, so you can do what is most convenient for your wiring. It is good practice to connect each one to its own pin as in some cases too much power through one GND pin can be bad, but in this case it should not make any difference.

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Thanks Clinton.
Would this be correct to connect
From pi to amp
Pin2 - +5v … +5v power in
Pin6 - grd … grd power in
Pin12 - gpio18 … right audio in
Pin33 - gpio13 … left audio in
Pin39 - grd … grd audio in

Hi Chris,

That seems like it would work to me, the only issue I can see you having is if the audio in is an analogue signal.

I managed to get sound to output from the pi zeros gpios via the 2x 3w amp.
Thanks for the help. Im sure I ll need more as i progress through this project.


No worries, we are more than happy to help

I would like some help with the wiring of a headphone jack into the audio system from the pi zero to the amp and stereo speakers with a headphone jack that cuts sound to speakers when plugged in. Can you point me to some info on the correct wiring??

Hey Chris,

If you have an audio jack with a TSH and RSH they will be connected to the tip and ring when nothing is connected to the jack. So wiring up like shown below should give you the result you want.

. Another option is to use some more complicated electronics to detect the resistance attached to the audio jack, this also enables things like scaling the sound level for the power of the speakers but is much more complicated.

Thanks Clinton.
Just to clarify for a noob, me, the “audio return” from the speakers is connected back to the negative pin on the audio jack?

Yep that is correct :slight_smile:

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