Connect to ngrok with Micropython (Pico W)

Hi, How can connect to ngrok with Micropython (Pico W)?
I need to access Pico W web server page (for example from outside of Wifi network. I found Pyngrok package but it work with standard python (not Micropython) and thus need another device in the Wifi network to install agent on it. I want Ngrok work directly on the Pico W.


Welcome Abolfazl,

I can’t imagine there are any micropython packages that will do what ngrok does, a more microcontroller oriented approach might be to use an exposed mqtt broker such as Adafruit IO to allow the connection through then to manage it through a dashboard.

Otherwise an in network forwarder like you described would be the best bet (I’ve heard great things about wiregaurd)


Thank you Liam, but local http web page ( contains video streaming from esp-32-cam and Adafruit IO dashboard has no block to show video.

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Hi Abolfazl,

Liam is on the money Re ngrok on Micropython, How many devices like this will you be running?
If you have a few if might be worth setting up a Pi with Wireguard.
Another option might be to open the admin panel of your router to see if a VPN option is available - there will be some significant setup with both but will allow outside connections to your Pico.

Keen to see what you go with!

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Hi Liam,
I am looking into your solutions, thanks for your reply. VPN option is available but many VPN protocols blocked by ISP. What do you think about the port forwarding in the router panel?