Connecting arduino to large stepper motors

Im trying to connect arduino with Nema 34 Stepper Motor & MA860H Driver using sprinter and pronterface… ive wired up everything correctly not sure what changes need to be made in sprinter
software just trying to get one motor to spin…any help would be appreciated thank you

Hi Tim,
We’ll need a bit more info to help get this sorted out. Could you take some clear, detailed photos of your circuit/wiring/setup, and include the code that you’re using?

Thanks for getting back to me
**Just note the black wire coming from the external driver is connected to yellow motor wire

Thanks any help would be appreciated

Hi Tim,

The pictures look good, but the information copied from the product pages makes it very hard to understand what the problem is. I’ve edited your reply to just the pictures, they look to be ok. The best place to take this from here would be the Sprinter forum as it’s most likely an issue with your code. That said, if you’ve got a multimeter handy, go through and confirm the voltages on all our pins, which is usually the fastest way to check for a bad connection somewhere.

Thanks for that …Ill start checking… how do i move disscussion to sprinter
Thanks for all your help

Hi Tim, just create a new post in the Sprinter forum

thanks for your help