Connecting Barrel Jack to Battery Holder

I should have put this in my initial post (sorry for another post), I am very new to electronics.

How do I connect these two components, given that product 2 has exposed wires? Is soldering needed? Product 1 is being plugged into an Ardunio to power a small vehicle (like an RC car) to pump water out. The project is about creating a small-scale unmanned firefighting vehicle.

  1. 2.1mm DC Plug with Screw Terminals | Jaycar Electronics

  2. 6 X AA 2 BY 3 SIDE BY SIDE Battery Holder | Jaycar Electronics

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Hey Rochelle :slight_smile:

You just put the bare ends of the wires from the battery holder into their respective terminals - red is positive (+), black is negative (-).

If the insulation from the leads hasn’t been pre-stripped for you, a pair of wire strippers makes life very quick and easy. Every company under the sun sells their own variant of these:

If you don’t have one handy for some reason, there are a few old tricks to do it with a knife or scissors (for thicker wire) or a lighter (for thin wire). Doing it with a knife is quite tricky though, you need some practice to cut the insulation and not the wire.