Should I remove the connector? 🤷

Hey all,

I want to buy Adafruit Sound Fx board, but am unsure about how to connect these components to my breadboard:

As you can see in the 1st diagram of Adafruit Sound Fx board, the speakers and battery holder don’t have a connector at the end of them.

Should I buy these components, and remove their connector? So I can put their wires into my breadboard?

Thank you,

Tina (newbie)

Yep, that’s what I would do, or try to find a product with out the connector plug.
I don’t like cutting off a perfectly working plug.
Similar to this, but it does not have power switch and unclear if it has a connector.

Or this with switch and no end connector, but uses AA’s instead of AAA’s.

Core Electronics has the same speaker without the plug, but cost more (slightly), how does that work, should cost less.



thank you so much jim!

this is super helpful! i really appreciate it! :smiley:

so grateful ti have awesome people like u in this forum helping out us newbies.

i had 2 q’s:

  • battery: do you think using aa instead of aaa will negatively impact the adafruit soundboard? will it actually make a difference?
  • speaker: for Mono Enclosed Speaker with Plain Wires - 3W 4 Ohm Australia, do i need to solder the wires onto the blue connector (that comes with the adafruit soundbaord)?
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Hi Teena,

  • AA batteries have more storage capacity, and likely some more current capacity, if your battery holders are wired the same, the voltage should be the same, so they should be functionally identical (if not better
  • The blue connector on the FX board is not soldered on by default, but if you solder it on, you can just screw it down onto your wires to plug in/unplug your speakers, rather than having to solder them directly onto the FX board

Hope this sorts you out!


thank you james!

this helps immensely :smiley:

i’m going to buy the board today and give it a go. so excited!

would i be able to reach out to you if i get stuck with the speakers / battery part?


Hey Teena,

Absolutely, if you run into any issues with it if you can also include some pictures of the set up that you’ve got with the parts in a forum post that really helps with troubleshooting issues. Also, if you need any tutorials for your boards and components, you can find what we’ve got available here:

Please let us know if you have any questions and thanks @James46717 for jumping in too (for anyone else reading this, this is a public forum, anyone is free and encouraged to help out or share their ideas :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:)


Thank you Bryce!

So glad I stumbled upon you guys! :smiley:

Y’all an incredible resource on my Arduino journey.

I’m actually in the process of making a YT video about creating my robot, I’ve bought heaps of components from you guys. I’ll be sure to send you over a video once I’m done.