2pin PCB mounted plug - what is this called?

Hi there,
I’m pretty new to the whole maker thing, and just starting out with a project to power a small M5 Atom Lite Microcontroller using a Solar panel/battery set up.

I’ve got the DFROBOT 5V Solar charge controller https://core-electronics.com.au/sunflower-solar-power-manager-5v.html

It has 2 options for connecting the battery. A screw terminal, and small 2pin plug.

What type of plug/socket is the 2 pin plug, and what do I need to wire up my 18650 battery wires into a plug that will fit that socket? I imagine some kind of crimping kit / plug kit?

I’ve read all the docs/schematics for this product, but the type of connector is not listed in any of them and I don’t really even know what to google to find this info :slight_smile:


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According to the schematic it’s a PH2.0-2P. This is the male connector:


Hi Sebastian,

Jeff is right on the money here. We’ve got a guide on identifying electrical connectors if you want to brush up:

We also carry 18650 holders and PH connectors if you’re looking for a relatively easy way to hook it up: