Connecting Display ribbon cables to Raspberry Pi 5


I bought a Raspberry Pi 5B and tried to connect it to my Pi TFT 7" Display using the Display FPC Adapter cables, and the display won’t light up. Not sure what I’ve done wrong, but it’s extremely frustrating.

I bought the Pi TFT 7" Display for an old Raspbery Pi 4B… is the display not compatible with Raspberry Pi 5B or something?

Hey Matt,

This person appears to have had the same issue, they managed to resolve it by lowering the frame rate give that a crack and see how you go


Hi Matt,

I don’t think this is a Pi issue more so an OS issue. Many touchscreen displays faced issues when Bookworm launched but fret not, it has been an issue long enough to have some fixes.

Have a read through here, while I can’t see a fix there is lots of troubleshooting.