Connecting fingerprint scanner to pico w

I saw the youtube video about connecting adafruit fingerprint scanner to a raspberry pi. I am trying to connect my fingerprint scanner to a raspberry pi pico w. Can you help me with that because the pico w uses micropython not python. I have been trying for more than two weeks now. I am unable to do it on my own.

Thank you in advance!!!

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You may need to use this adafruit circuitpython library:

Hi Rhodes,

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I’m assuming you are using the exact same fingerprint sensor as the one used in our guide and video, let us know if you’ve got a different one as that will change things.

The sensor is actually running using Adafruit’s Circuitpython libraries, which is their own in-house flavour of micropython, so it should work just fine on a Pico W. You won’t be able to install the libraries from the command line but you can find them on Adafruit’s Github Repo.

There are also more instructions on installing Circuitpython Adafruit have written here.

Yes I am using the same finger print scanner. In fact I followed the guide and tested it using my raspberry pi 4 model B. It works just fine.

For more context, I am running both micropython and circuitpython by the help of adafruit_blinka library. I tried using the library you are suggesting. I am getting this error “RuntimeError: Failed to read data from sensor”.

I think you have to check your wiring and baud rate: Python & CircuitPython | Adafruit Optical Fingerprint Sensor | Adafruit Learning System