Using adafruit sensor with micro:bit

I am helping my grandson with a project that needs to use an Adafruit Air Quality sensor. He has a micro:bit processor where he has some success with a piicodev sensor.
We will need to use apprpriate helper functions in adafruit library.

It seems tthat it is probably best if I use the Arduino IDE and modify it to drive the micro:bit processor. I have found instructions to do this online that should enable this

Am I on the right track?


Hi Michael,

What was the part number of the sensor you were using? I believe I heard one of my colleagues mention the SGP30, was that the one you were using? If it is, here’s the guide:

While MicroPython is a great environment for a micro:bit, but there are a couple catches. Adafruit only publishes libraries for CircuitPython, their own fork of MicroPython, that has a few quirks. You’ll need to read up on using CircuitPython libraries in a MicroPython:

If you have a read and decide to go down that route, or have more questions, let us know!


thanks James
very much appreciate the prompt response and the advice
Yes - I am using the SGP30
Subsequent to my first post I have managed to connect and run the example program for the sensor
I have already stumbled on some micropython code that doesnt compile but your pointer to the circuitPython fork is probably where the answer lies
manyb thanks again!
thanks for the tip re CircuitPython