Connection Sparkfun Little Soundie to a Bluetooth module

Hi all,
I’m looking to connect the output of a SparkFun Little Soundie to a bluetooth module.
Any thoughts or ideas on what might be a good option?


Hey Neil

Welcome to the forum!!

What kind of bluetooth were you looking to use? BLE will allow most phones to connect while being quite a bit cheaper and full blown bluetooth will allow just about anything although with the higher price tag.
Also do you have any programming experience? An ESP32 might be the best board to use as it also breaks out some pins that you could use for other outputs.

PS: DFrobot also have these tiny un-amplified boards that you can connect to any play anything with:


Hey Neil,

Interesting idea, when you say the output of the Little Soundy, are you referring to the audio out so that it can be received via Bluetooth on a wireless speaker for example? Essentially converting this board to a Bluetooth audio transmitter.

If so, it may be a little more difficult to find a pre-built solution. I’m not aware of anything at Core Electronics at the moment that provides both Bluetooth audio transmission and can act as a receiver, as most of the Bluetooth audio breakout boards such as the DFR0718 only receive audio and output to a 3.5mm jack (although please correct me here if you find anything) what may be easiest is to use an ESP32, Raspberry Pi, or similar board either with a breakout, or Bluetooth compatibility built-in, and then write a script to make it act like your Little Soundy.

Otherwise, I’d take a look at this solution which Jaycar currently has available, it operates at Bluetooth 4.1 but may do the trick for your project!

If you have any further questions, please let us know. Please let us know how you go with it!