Control 4 motors independently with a PS4 controller

I am currently doing a school project to control our own made submarine. I have successfully made it work by following the tutorial from this website.

Although helpful, we have encountered problems and would like to control the motors independently. Any help would mean alot.

Hi Micheal,

This setup only uses a single dual motor control. You will need to add another motor controller and the code to control it. With the parts as listed there will be no way to control each motor individually.

Thanks for the reply Stephen,

Do you know any programs I could use to be able to just figure out how to control one motor for now with a PS4 controller. it would help as I could probably just easily expand the code to do more motors. Also what parts do you think would I need to build it? Right now we have everything running on a Mega Arduino board and 2 H bridges with 5v batteries to each H bridge.

Hi Micheal,

Here is a great tutorial to get you started: