Control Pan Tilt Scanner (Head)

I have a Dahua IPC Network Camera [ IPC-HFW71242H-Z ] connected directly to a Windows10 PC.
The Camera has RS485 connector, but the only internal apps seem wiper and lights. [ there is a DOME version which has PTZ functions ]
I previously bought a Pan Tilt remote head (PTS-303) that has 'Up+down, Left+Right, Auto and Comm wire connections. A few weeks ago bought Indoor RS485 Decoder Board For CCTV PTZ Camera System|board board|board cctvboard cctv camera - AliExpress - to connect camera RS485 to controller and head.
The Camera has no internal PTZ software
I think this wheel has been invented, I just don’t know what questions to ask.

I want to send rs485 over IP?
I don’t want to put the camera thru a switch, I do have 2 RJ45’s into the PC
DVR’s and NVR’s seem to have the controller

The camera has ONVIF and I thought I read Pelco - but maybe they’re not allowed to use it anymore.
OBS has an app, but again I think that is for a Dome type?? most PTZ online seems for DOME (all-in-one)
there is ’ PTZ Controller , but I don’t read alot about Baud rate for the RS485 settings.


Hi Roger
I am not quite up on what you are trying to do but I do know that RS485 is only a carrier medium. It does not “do” anything by itself. It takes what data and signals you have and transports this to some other place. You then have to convert this info back to its original form. The whole secret is using a “balanced” line system so data can be transported over greater distances. Much the same as balanced microphone leads can be very much longer than unbalanced ones.
Cheers Bob