Convert Bin files to ROM file for MAME emulator

Howdy, I have found a specific ROM i was after at

however the zip file contains Bin files and a 5P file. Not sure how to convert them. Can’t seem to find another ROM of this game version either. Any help would be appreciated. Ta.

Hey Bassel,
Go ahead and try to run the .ZIP file directly rather than extracting and trying to run the seperate .BIN files. Let me know how that works.

Tried pasting the zip file into each of the two mame folders. It listed the game but wouldn’t run on either occasion

Hmm, when you say it wouldn’t run, does it come up with an error, or does nothing happen when you try to run it?

Nothing happens when i try to run it…

Hmm, sounds strange. I’ll take a swing at it tomorrow and see what I come up with for you.