Emulator for NDS files

Hi, which emulator plays NDS files?

I have a 4.4gb mdf file. what is the best way to extract the roms from this

Bassel Georges

You need to extract those files, so try a program such as 7ZIP.

Thank you. I extracted nearly 4000 MAME zip files! However they are bin
files when i unzip them. How do i get them to work with the mame emulator?
Should i try grouping them into a folder within the mame rom folder?

Bassel Georges

It’s a little tricky without knowing the exact process you’re following. Everything I’ve been mentioning can be found with a quick google search of the problem you’re running into. Normally for the MAME emulator it should just take a .zip file, however, I’d double check your source of the ROMs, and try to see if anyone has run into the same issue.