Converting prototype into product

Hey all,

I’ve been having heaps of fun designing various circuits and random things here and there with my raspberry pi Pico’s. This tinkering has got me wondering, how does one go from a Pico on a breadboard with heaps of wires, into something compact and neat on a PCB.

Something similar to; “how do I turn this mess of wires into something you would find inside a consumer grade product”.

Essentially if I were to turn what I’ve tinkered with into a mass produced item, how would I get the Pico and breadboard onto a PCB that is neat and can have all the necessary components soldered into it for use in a “commercial” product.

Thanks for any advice guys, not trying to actually mass produce and create millions, just curious about the actual process.


You may find this blog helpful: Beginners guide to PCB design with Altium Designer - PCB Design Tutorial - PCBway
This is a Beginners guide to PCB design with Altium Designer. In case you are not comfortable with Altium, you can choose proteus or Kicad.


@Michael actually has a really great tutorial series on this, on his own website + youtube channel:

Top quality stuff!


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Outside of just designing the parts there are usually a lot of other engineering and behind-the-scenes decisions you have to make, The Factory covers a bunch that we’ve run into and a few interesting tid-bits of information!