Core Webstore suggestion


Webstore feedback.

Core-electronics is a first stop for a lot of electronics I use to develop some designs. I often arrive at the web store through google searches onto a product page…
Like this one…

I want an RGB LED sheild for a raspi zero… the above isnt quite right, but I can’t see which category this product is in to be able to view alternatives within its category. You should enable cookie-crumbs on the page - or reveal which part of the store I’m in so I can look at similar devices.

Great suggestion, the hardest part about maker hardware is that the question “really” is. In this case, it might be “what 3.3V LED Strips work better than others with Raspberry Pi, or with less fuss”.

Any RGB Strip will work fine with Raspberry Pi, with the right setup. LED Strips are normally 5V logic, using a converter will make them work just fine with RPi 3.3V logic levels.

This project has some great side notes for driving LED Strips

And this guide gets straight to the point

Same same, though PCB format.

Don’t overthink it… Don’t pre suppose what my question “really” is…
All I’m suggesting is that the product page should show which category I’m in like this so I can look around.

Like this…