How can I get more info on this LED strip

Although it allows direct plugging onto the GPIO pins, things have made that not practical.

So it would be nice to know what wires need to be connected. I’m guessing only 3 would be needed.

+ / - and a data line.

But which ones?
And the +. Is it 5v or 3.3v?


Hi Andrew,

I’d take a look at this page for more info: Blinkt! at Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout

It looks like it uses APA102’s (or some variant instead of WS2812B’s.


Sorry… I sometimes can’t see the wood for the trees.


Hi Andrew,

No worries at all, it’s better to ask and learn something for sure!
There’s definitely an advantage to knowing a few websites for different bits and bobs, if you need a hand with anything else shoot it through!

Thats a new one for me ahaha

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Hi Liam

Old saying but I believe still commonly used.
Need to further your education (outside of Uni)
Cheers (another old saying) Bob


I’m stuck.

I’ve tried searching and not got any results.

I am sure I bought them from you lot.

150mm male - female jumper leads.

Given recent events I need to build/test some things and I need FEMALE - FEMALE leads.

(This is my second posting of the question as I thought I didn’t need them, but was wrong.)

I bought one of those things: big ribbon cable that plugs onto the RasPi GPIO pins and has leads.
It too is FEMALE - FEMALE.

But I want the standard jumper leads. Yes, they come in a big flat ribbon.

Then I’ll reduce them to the widths I need to test things.

Just the big flat ribbon I mentioned MAY be causing problems with one project.


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Hi Andrew,

Something like this then?

Your current ribbon length likely isn’t causing tooooo many troubles, I ran a ~500mm cable between my Pi and APA102 LED strips on my printer, and it worked fine as long as I kept it close to the frame (moving it away caused erratic colours). Worth noting too that each APA102 will be cleaning up the signal for the next, so that’s why you’ll see loooong strips, but not necessarily long wires to the strip, in the wild.


Yeah, that the one/s.

They were painful to find.

I’ve got another thread - now - on that.
Thanks though.

I’m putting together a shopping basket (here) of things to get.
Just there seems to be 3 different flavours of them. So I need to know which size I want.