Creality just started their second crowdfunding on Kickstarter for the Naomi's Infinite-Z Belt Printer

Just saw it Just saw it on Kickstarter that Creality’s Infinite-Z 3D printer which created by Naomi is currently on crowdfunding stage. The page Come with some feature explanation and several youtube review videos. Watched a few of them and the machine looks legit tho.

Basically, the idea of infinite-Z is the printer has no limit for the model length, like the 1.2m sword and 1.5m guitar. The rolling conveyor belt is easy to make batch production. The printed model will eventually roll off the belt. Users can leave the printer unattended until it finishes printing. All the prints can be retrieved from the collection area at the end. I think I read that kinda of concept a few years ago and now somebody finally made it real lol.

Other features they mentioned are a 32-bit motherboard, a Filament runout sensor, Resume printing function, Branded 350W power supply, Core-XY structure, Triple fans to cool down, Manual leveling. Seems like most of them already got equipped on other standard Ender or CR series machines.

I have not decided to go for it yet but seems like Creality already got a bunch of supporters. 3DPrintMill(CR-30) is available for order from Nov 19th to Dec 19th on Kickstarter, delivery in March 2021. On the kick-starter page, the reg price of it was set for $999 but the early bird price is $588, and Flash Sale Price at $538. Lovely price but I think I would still look into that 45° angled hotend…Anyone think it’s really better than regular angled hotend?


Hey Courier,

That’s awesome! We’ll definitely be taking a look at getting in the CR-30 once it’s released, one of the only errors I’ve heard of so far is from Joel’s review on 3D printing nerd, which is that if you don’t have the initial layer height right, you’ll either get too little adhesion, or parts of the belt will tear off the bottom of the printer and leave a pattern on the bottom of the prints. An angle should help with this, as there’s about a 1.414:1 ratio due to the Pythagorean theorem between the hypotenuse and the opposite, so you will get a slightly finer adjustment that way, and the step should provide a more precise movement on each axis relative to printing vertically. If anyone has one of these printers. I’m curious to see whether you can add some end g-code to cause the bed to go through a cycle where it heats, and then cools, then heats again before ejecting the print to try and intentionally cause some disconnection between the bed and the print thermally instead of trying to tear them apart using the rollers.

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I will wait for Naomi to post a review… And then watch it closely SEVERAL times :grin::heart_eyes:

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wow hahaha!

Further on this,

If anyone owns one of the CR-30 please add some pictures of your largest completed print on this forum thread. I’m curious to see if we can get a friendly competition going :grin: