Create an installer script for Raspberry Pi

Michael just shared a new tutorial: "Create an installer script for Raspberry Pi"

After lovingly crafting your project on a Raspberry Pi, you might want to share it with the world. The easiest way is of course just to publish a list of the commands that you executed to get everything up and running. For complex projects, this…

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Thanks for creating this article! It’s pretty useful to learn how to streamline some of these setup tasks. I’m assuming the first thing is to get internet connection. I guess if you are starting from a fresh SD card, the internet connection could be achieved by adding a few lines in the installer script to edit the wpa_supplicant file before running the apt-update/apt-upgrade commands.

Would you please explain how to add lines to configure some of the settings in Raspi-Config (e.g. expand memory, change keyboard, and time zones)? Can those settings be changed via command line the same way you change the config.txt file?

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