Getting WiFi to work on Pi 3B+

Perhaps somebody can help me, at the bottom of the post is roughly where I am at!

Today I have formatted and loaded a fresh image and will try to get to the internet using a LAN connection. I have tried to get wifi to work but cant. Files wpa_supplicant.conf and interfaces with country, ssid and pkey but cannot get it to go. I have been to the pages noted below many times but these do not work for me, and many others on the net, nonework. I needed the mac address for wlan0 because I use mac level access control as well as WPA PSK and TKIP. The wifi AP has the mac in it now. My last attempt ended up with no wif because country code seemed to have disappeared so no wifi, but prior to that the wifi said it was not associated, I don’t know what that means. When I tried to use the GUI I could not put the country code back in, it just would not save it. I am lost, what exactly do I have to do from a clean start? What files need to be modified or do I have a dead wifi on the pi. When I first boot and it looks for networks, it finds none, even though there are plenty around. My ssid is hidden so I wouldn’t see it anyway, but there are no entries at all. I will say that wlan0 seems to be there as “ifconfig” sees it and gives me a mac address.

Just stuck!!

This is where I am up to at the moment:

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Hi Craig,

The guide on initially connecting a Raspberry Pi running Raspbian to a password secured wireless network can be found here -

Alternatively, you can do it from the Raspberry Pi Desktop by following these steps -

It’s correct that you usually need to just input your country, language, timezone, select your Wi-Fi network’s name and enter the password to connect to it, generally you shouldn’t need to know the wireless MAC address.

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I don’t use facebook, twitter, google etc. so cant review. But I loaded the full raspbian buster and the pi started just fine. Beacause I didn’t have the wireless mac address I couldn’t configure wifi at startup. First crunch point, doing this after starting seems to have caused a bigger issue, so I am trying to find out how to fix it. As I have always found these systems are documented but you need to be an expert to read them and to find the answer to connecting to a secured network is sparse. I don’t knowbut I think WPA-PSK and TKIP are defaults and don’t need to be declared, just country, SSid and pass phrase, but its hard to know. Anyway thts my lot at the moment.


Most of the guides you see are for systems pre buster, and unfortunately buster and systemd break most of them, and they don’t work.

This guide is supposedly buster oriented so should work. I haven’t upgraded to buster yet so I can’t confirm that.

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Thak you for the info. I’ll try it and let you know

Hey guys (Obligatory new here comment etc).

I am currently having the same issues, I had Raspbian Buster on a Pi 3B+, it was running fine, Wifi and the works. I had a few things on it and thought I would wipe the card and start fresh for a project I am working on. Wiped it, put the same version I had on it originally, same pi, nothing changed on my network our router and I just cannot get on the Wifi at all, it sees my router and all of those around, but just refuses to connect to it. I will try out the link above from Robin57159, but any other help would be hugely appreciated!

  • Thank you in Advance, Troy