Cricut board change

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Has anybody have any thoughts what to use in arduino to replace the board in a Cricut craft cutter?

Researched Cricut craft cutter model crv001.
First thought : Arduino might not be up to it. Maybe MEGA 2560, it has many IO pins and features but definitely not a UNO not enough memory and IO pins. (but I could be proven wrong)
Second thought : is how to fit it into the Cricut.
Third : what sort of interface is needed, keyboard and display, actuators that do the cutting.
Fourth : how long will it take to develop software in the Arduino that will work.

Assume you have a broken one.
Take it apart, carefully, to see what space there is for a circuit board, also to try and figure the interfacing.
These sort of devices are designed to fit everything into a certain size. When you are making 1000’s of them you can easily develop a custom design. Probably there is a main board which has most stuff on it, including drivers to the actuators.

This is not an easy task. I tried this with other devices that have stopped working; eventually deciding it was not worth the time or effort. (Ebay has these for sale for less than $100 US)

Best of Luck (investigation at this stage is what you need to do)

(Core Electronics Customer)

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Thanks James for your input.

Cheers Bernie