Uni Project, grow bot with sensors, pump and 2 stepper motors off a ENDER3 parts

HI! I’d like to get going on this project.
i had a old ENDER 3d printer and i started to wander if i could use parts for this project.
Straight away i understood looing at the controller, that is a good board if i could reprogram it using Arduino IDE. As i would already have well done power supply and uses the same motors and frame. 2 days later i got nowhere trying to get the V4 2.2 CREALITY board to work.
I’ve got 4 weeks to get this sorted and i have budget.
Im complicating my life as this is really important to me as i run a landscaping business and i provide irrigation system services.
I always thought that getting to know how to program and apply sensors, motors, solenoid etc will improve my brand.
That is way i’m 100% committed in this and i need help.
In the attached photos parts i got for this project i might won’t use them all but they are available.
Important that i miss is PH sensor.
EC probe i found how to DIY it should be all good.
Now, as i don’ t have time to loose if is too complicated to program the CREALITY board i will have to give up. i give myself and extra day or 2 to sort it out, if no success i’m planning to build the mega board with scield, relays and Power supply for the high current stepper motors.
All suggestions welcome, from data, solutions and part identification that are needed.
In the past days i’ve been trying to override the Creality board using ISP controller from Duinotech unsuccesfully.
I managed to install drivers in it using ZADIG as Manual of the programmer from Jaycar.
however when id time to set up AVRDUDESS i don’t know what im doing. i created /ehx files to upload in the flash but board won’t comunicate.
I found resources online where people uses SD link v2 for the porpuse as it has 6 pins instead of 10.
Board connected as per photo using 4 pins beside LCD pins.
Other 2 shoud be reset pin and an other one that some people i saw use LCD pins to plug in or Reset pin P3 on the board.
I couldnt figure it out so that the reason of the topic.
i want this to work, no problems in budjet
Thanks for reading!

Hi Gianluca

Regarding your first photo, what does that Mega board have to do with the Creality board?

That Creality board uses a STM32F103, which is programmed via SWD, not ISP.

I think you mean an ST-Link V2. Try to stay precise with your typing of part numbers and the like, it makes the troubleshooting process a lot easier. These are the right tool for flashing an STM32 board.

Hi yes sorry for the spelling
Ideally I’d like to use the Mega as comunication board and the motors keep them on the Creality
That is the idea
I got what you mean by that is programmed via SWD , so I need to get it posted .

I’m also getting to know the Mega Board only option as this project seem to be bigger then me and I go both ways , with the creality board or not.
In that case I need part for the mega board to add the functionalities of the High voltage etc

I hope it makes sense
Thanks for reply

Hi Gianluca,

You can absolutely use your Mega to drive motors with the help of stepper motor drivers. The A4988 is a classic:

Fair warning, STM32s are fairly advanced compared to Arduino, though packages do exist to run Arduino software on them.

Could you please make a list on what I might need example, power supply considering the 2 stepper motors, lights , fan .
Incase relays if I need
Water pumps with pressure and pumps with just a drop to fix ph etc

What do you think ?
Thanks for support appriciated

As far as I know the internal arrangement of the controllers used in the Ender is not available, so trying to write your own code for it would involve some very complex reverse engineering.

There are other boards that do exactly what the existing controller does but are fully documented. Or, there are shields that are open-source so you can discover how they work, or they can run open-source software such as GRBL or Marlin. For instance:
New CNC Shield V4 shield v3 Engraving Machine / 3D Printer / A4988 Driver Expansion Board for arduino Diy Kit - AliExpress
That one would be teamed with an Arduino UNO (V3) or Nano (V4). There are similar shields for many other development boards, and there are many examples of projects where the shields are used in a variety of devices, from plotters to laser etching to wall art and the rest.

If you already have an old Ender then you have the power supply. The only thing you need to do is change the controller to one that is fully documented.