Cur1 not found

Trying to get the code for led strings, when I enter it just as it shows in the tutorial, I get cur1 command not found.

Why would I be getting this and how do I correct it?

I think the command you are after is curl, that’s with an L (ell) not a 1 (one).

Thanks. I tried that first and it didn’t work either. Double checked on Core’s website and it is a 1.

Below is the link where the code is. I appreciate your help very much.

ent from Yahoo Mail on Android

You were right. I went back to try again. First time around I God a different message. Also didn’t put space in before -.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Hi Clifford,

That is an l for some reason pretty much every programing environment and font used to display code uses a font in which l and 1 are identical. In the case of our examples there is a slight difference in that the l has a flat hat and the 1 is angled down. It’s a common distinguisher that if you don’t know you wont notice.

When working on the RPi, I find it easiest to connect the RPi to the network and use the browser to point at the relevant documentation. That way you can copy and paste from the browser, to the terminal window. Precludes any typos and transcription errors. Saves time, and reduces the stress levels significantly.


Thank you. With the help of those on this forum, I’m moving forward. It’s greatly appreciated.

One thing to be aware of when copy pasting code though is that sometimes they will have different version of the ’ and " characters. I have usually found this to be a problem when copying from PDF documents.

Will keep that in mind, but honestly, right now that’s over my head. I am brand new to coding of any kind. I am reading books and relying on things such as this forum which by the way, has been a tremendous help to me.

Thanks for all your input. :slight_smile: