DC-DC Adjustable Step-down Module XL4015 CE07271

Hi Team,

I have been trying to sort out power for a multi component project and came across this part:

It’s so perfect, it will allow me to have a single 12v 2A power supply but step down the voltage for lower voltage components (one of them being 7.5v).

I am just suspicious as to why it is $3.50? It’s being used for an application that will see it running for several days at a time so I want to ensure reliability. I would spent a lot more if it ensures reliability.



Hi Jack
Yes $3.50 does sound like a ridiculous price doesn’t it. When you think the manufacturer has to make something, ship it to Aus and Core have to make some sort of profit they must make it for about 10 cents.

Keep in mind when using this for several devices that firstly you need a couple of volts head room so the maximum voltage you could expect with a 12V input would be 10V. Also you are only starting with a total 24W (12V X 2A). With conversion efficiencies this could reduce to a bit over 20W. This is TOTAL available power. With several units this could be somewhat less as each one will have its own conversion losses.
Just something to keep in mind and if you are getting some odd happenings you might be sailing a bit close to the wind and may have to consider more input capacity.
Cheers Bob
PS… By the way there have been several posts claiming these units cannot be set using the pots. There has always been nothing wrong just the operator has not realised the pots have quite a number of turns and they have not turned them far enough for anything to happen. The Core description now carries a warning that these are 30 turn pots.


Hi Jack,

There’s a couple of reasons why that unit is so cheap. The first is that we buy these in bulk so there’s a saving there.
The next biggest reason is that these are provided without documentation, manuals, guides, or compliance testing for things like IP ratings which drive up the price.
So if you don’t mind that the manufacturer hasn’t tested how dustproof or waterproof the module is, or that it may not have reverse voltage protection and other nice-to-have features then it’s great value.


Hi Robert,

Fantastic, thank you for the advice and extra tips. Really appreciate it.


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Hi Trent,

Okay great, good to know. Thanks.


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