DC Geared motors

I purchased a Pololu 34:1 Metal Gearmotor 25Dx67L mm MP 12V which I’m using in an automated Dog Door. It works fine, probably more powerful than I really need. Although, I’d like to replace it with a quieter one. Would a worm drive be quieter or a different geared dc motor? Grateful for any suggestions

Hey Graeme,
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I am not sure a worm gear motor would be less noisy, though we can definitely have a look as to what might be more helpful. What are the specs you need for the motor? what kind of torque are you looking for and what size are you looking at for a motor here?

With a bit more detail, I am sure we can find something that may be more fitting.


Hi Blayden,

Thank you for replying.
The door the motor is lifting is 0.5KG, the lift distance is 300mm, I need to achive that in between 1.5 - 2 seconds.
Using a 20mm diameter spool on the gearbox o/p shaft, I will need between 143 - 190 rpm at the o/p of the gearbox. I plan to use a 12V motor.
I hope that detail helps.

Worm drive is generally quieter IIRC

Or something like: POLOLU-4742

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