Mini Metal DC Geared Motor (6V 375RPM 0.5Kg*cm) (FIT0565)

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“Mini Metal DC Geared Motor (6V 375RPM 0.5Kg*cm)”

This is a mini DC motor with a 1:35 reduction box. It has small size and takes up very little space. It uses metal gears which is durable. The D-shape shaft facilitates … read more

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What is the estimated efficiency of the motor?


Hi Joshua,

It looks like this motor is more of a value option and the manufacturer wont have run the tests to determine it.
If you’re after some in-depth specs I’d have a look at Pololu’s range of motors (the closest I could find): 380:1 Micro Metal Gearmotor LP 6V | POLOLU-4790 | Core Electronics Australia

The spec sheet for these motors goes really into depth:

PS: a neat tidbit of information on how those numbers are extracted and why its good paying an extra dollar for good documentation: System Identification Overview - MATLAB & Simulink.

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