DF Robot NFC reader

Hi everyone! I’m having trouble with the DF Robot NFC reader https://core-electronics.com.au/nfc-module-for-arduino.html
I want to use NFC info to trigger sounds on a Raspberry Pi. I have tried to get the NFC reader working on an Arduino nano, uno and Mega but no luck, the Serial monitor says FF FF FF FF FF FF but nothing happens when i scan a an nfc card (they all work on my phone and are compatible with the DF Robot reader)
I’ve followed this tutorial
https://wiki.dfrobot.com/NFC_Module_for_Arduino__SKU_DFR0231_ on the df robot site which looks like its using an arduino nano, Also tried about 3 other tutorials I could find online. Still no luck
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Glen,

Are you able to post the wiring diagram and the code you are using that way we will be able to confirm the pins you are using.

Thanks Clinton
The wiring and code I have used is on this site: https://wiki.dfrobot.com/NFC_Module_for_Arduino__SKU_DFR0231_
I’ve uploaded a pic wired to an arduino nano, but ive tried a Mega and Uno with the same wiring

Your gnd pin of the NFC reader seems to be connected to Vin if i am reading this correctly.

It’s in the GND, and I’ve tried it in other boards still with no luck