DF05BB Tilt/Pan Kit (5kg) (FIT0045)

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This DF05BB Pan and Tilt assembly for horizontal surface mount. Made using two DFRobot servo brackets. Perfect for your small remote piloted robot! Includes hardware and two DF05 ball bearing servos.

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Does anyone know how to assemble this correctly? having a terrible time of it.

Hi David,

Welcome to the forum!!

Have you had a look at the assembly instructions? I found a link here: https://image.dfrobot.com/image/data/FIT0045/Pan-tilt--assembly-guide-v0.1.rar

Though the Core guys should have it fixed by next week :smiley:

Could you attach a photo of where you are up to? If the forum doesnt allow it you should be able to attach a google drive link.

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thanks Liam… got there in the end. the rivets werent very intuative and a pain so i changed for some small screws and pull come together easily.

Hi Liam
That link takes you to the same place as the link “Assembly Guide” on Core product page.
Not a lot of use if you can’t open it. Finishes with .rar which does not seem to play the game on my Mac and nothing in the App store that will open it, or to be more accurate nothing available in Australia. Haven’t tried Windows yet but I wonder what happened to good old fashioned PDF.
Cheers Bob