Pan/Tilt Bracket for POLOLU-1057


I was wondering if you have a pan/tilt bracket for heavy servos, like POLOLU-1057? I couldn’t figure out whether POLOLU-1057 fits FIT0004 or not, for instance.

Hi Iman,

Good question, the dimensions of the DF05BB/DSS-P05 is the same, so you can use this:

If you have any further questions please let us know.

Hi Bryce,
Thanks for your reply. So, nothing stronger, like POLOLU-1057?

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Hi Iman,

No worries. The motors are the same dimensions (within a negligible difference that won’t matter) so you can swap them out to the POLOLU-1057 if you’re looking for a kit without the motors then there is this model as well, however the dimensions of the motors slightly vary compared to the POLOLU-1057 and unfortunately I don’t have any here with me at the moment to confirm whether it’d fit nicely with this kit at the moment: