Digital Dashboard using Onion Omega 2+

I am working on a digital dashboard for my 67 VW Beetle, using several different hardware stages relating to buffering, collection and display of the data.

The final stage is to have an Onion Omega 2+ hosting a html page using Javascript and svg graphics. This will be displayed on a tablets web browser wirelessly connecting to the Omega.

Obviously there are easier ways to do this but a lot of the aim of the project is about learning.

My Question is, can I power the Omega directly through the Expansion Header? I would prefer using 5v but will use 3v3 if necessary.

My hope is that one of the 5V pins connects directly to the +5V of the micro usb socket. I tried trial and error and ended up letting the smoke out of my Expansion Dock :frowning: fortunately the Omega survived the experience.


Hi Michael,

What do you mean by “Expansion Header” - are you referring to one of the expansion boards, or to a dock?

I am using a power dock, but I dont want to run the 5v through the micro-usb socket, I would rather supply 5v to the expansion header as shown in the Omega Documentation

Hi Michael,

Thanks for that info! It should be fine, but from my experience, never use both the USB and the direct 5V power at the same time.

Thanks Graham,

I have wired it up and all seems well. No heat, no smoke :slight_smile:
The 5v supply is being filtered through a choke (ground), a 7812 12v regulator and a buck converter. Probably overkill but I dont want to take any risks with voltage spikes.

Your comment about not using the usb and the 5v pin on the header at the same time rings true.

Thanks again


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Neat, thanks for giving it a go and reporting back :slight_smile: