Display marketing

Hi All, I have a Raspberry Pi 0, wanted to use in a not for profit organisation to display messages into the TV such as welcome and future events. Any suggestions? im new to Raspberry as well. :slight_smile:

Hi @Christy82592

The main problem with using the Pi zero for this purpose is that it only has one processor core and 512MB of memory, so it may struggle a bit.

Also no network capability, so you need to consider how you can update the material displayed.

But check out this tutorial from the learning center.

I don’t think the Pi zero has HDMI audio capability, so something else to check.

Hi Robin, thanks…Yes Pi 0 have mini hdmi and i got a converter so I can plug into the main screen.
Im not expecting to be sound mainly im looking to do spash screen such as next event or whats happening in the specific sections etc.