DIY portable bluetooth speaker

My son would like to build a portable bluetooth speaker for a xmas present, he already has a lithium battery 18650, i would love some recommendations as to the bluetooth unit, amp etc so i can source the right components for him, we are keen beginners, can solder a little bit, and we are making our own housing.
cheers for reading

Hi Roy,

Here is a great tutorial I’d recommend that you follow:

Here are the parts you will need:


Optional parts to make you box nicer:

These parts aren’t all exactly the same, but they have documentation to show you how to use them. So any gaps can be filled in. The speakers we have are either a little under spec or over spec.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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You could run it off of just one of those batteries and still have a four hour play time. No need to put in four like in the tutorial. If you found that it was too short you could always add more later as well!

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Thanks so much, we will put in an order tonight.
cheers for the suppoort, it is much appreciated.