DIY Rgb Nanoleaf

Hello forum users,

This is my first time posting. I am looking to create a diy version of the aurora nanoleaf rgb panels for school.

I have 60 bucks from school and I can add extra money when needed.
I want to make it as close as possible while keeping it relatively cheap.

I heard that I can use the arduino uno and addressable led strips but not too sure.

I’m in a hurry and looking for a quick answer. Sorry if this is a trash post but it’s in a hurry and I can reply back if you need more information.

You can use addressable RGB LED’s but I’d probably use an ESP8266 or ESP32 rather than the UNO because they’re cheap and also have WiFi (also Bluetooth for the ESP32). There’s Arduino libraries available for driving the LED’s. Adafruit have a heap of instructions and there’s also lots on the web.

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