PCB for controlling LED lights via Arduino Nano

Hi there

I am wanting to get some PCBs made up (PCBway, etc) as per the attached sketch. My plan is make a 3D printed enclosure for these brains and have just the 3x LED wires coming out of the box. I can write the control program onto the Nano using FastLED (just). Is there a standard product to do this or am I reinventing the wheel? A remote control using Wifi is not the way I want to go.

Thanks for any advice.
PC Board.pdf (94.4 KB)


Hi Andrew,

While they might not be as cool as a custom PCB, we do stock the Plasma stick and Plasma 2040

or combining a QTpy/XIAO board with one of these:

(If you’re keen on driving multiple channels this board has 8-channels ready to go, though doesnt have a clean connector like you want: Adafruit Feather RP2040 SCORPIO - 8 Channel NeoPixel Driver | ADA5650 | Core Electronics Australia)


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