Do you create project kits?

I saw two cool projects on the site, from a while back:

Would you put together a kit for these projects?
If so, what would the cost be?



Hi Paul,

While we do have a few projects that have turned into kits:

The ones you were after are just a bill of materials for now, but I can see that a few of those items are retired by our suppliers or us, so I’ve done some digging on alternatives:

An alternative large e-ink screen (will require a different photo frame, but does hang the Pi off the back.

Standoffs should be included in the above, but if you want to be sure, or to have extras:

I can see that the DAC hat is out of stock, but Pimoroni have a newer sort:

Let me know if any other questions come to mind!


Hey Paul,

Just to clarify what James has said, there are a few projects on our site that we’ve done ourselves, but the majority are projects that have been submitted by customers (including the two you’ve linked). We do try to make sure we’ve got all the parts available to reproduce or re-mix projects we host, so there’s always a list of materials including direct links to suitable products where we can.

The best way to reproduce one is to start with the parts list and add them all to your cart. If you’re having trouble finding a part you need, or you’re not sure if you’ve got everything, let us know here on the forums and we’ll dive in to help out! :slight_smile:

As for making kits out of customer projects, there’s an order of magnitude of difficulty between a project and a sellable (and commercially viable) product, which means it’s generally not practical to make a one-off project into a commercial product.

Here are some great videos from some of the better-known Makers in the industry about this topic if you’re interested:

And here’s a great article from Marc of Adafruit:

The Infinity Mirror Kit was a bit of a special case - would need @Michael to confirm the story, but I suspect that was intended to be a kit from the outset. The Infinity Mirror Table though is pretty neat and is still fully functional. It’ll be great once COVID clears up and we can get it out to Maker Fairs again!