Project by Steven; Simple e-ink dashboard

Steven just shared a new project: "Simple e-ink dashboard"

The aim of my project was to make a small display to show information such as the clock, weather, calendar, etc. I liked the idea of making a magic mirror, but wanted to try something more unique, less expensive, and easier to assemble (no woodworking required!)

Enter, my framed e-ink dashboard!

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Well done - looks awesome :ok_hand:


I love the idea of using a picture frame.
How many hours do you think you spent on this project total? :slight_smile:

I spend a while on my projects because I’m a perfectionist and enjoy creating interesting things. :joy:

The code took me a long while because I didn’t really know any JavaScript or much coding in general at the time. Using HTML/JS and screenshotting a webpage really helped me as I could autofit tables etc. for the layout, and not have to worry too much.

Unfortunately, I dropped it off the desk, and the e-ink display got completely damaged - they’re really fragile.

I’ve since done a new one with an Inky Hat and Pi Zero W using the example Python code, as I’ve since learned a bit of Python. In colour too! It iterates through a folder of cartoons on the SD card and displays a new one every day. I cut a notch in the back of the cardboard panel to fit the power cord with the Pi Zero sandwiched in between.

IMG_3112 Medium 2

Again, I had a matt board cut to frame the dimensions of the panel from a local picture framing shop. And an IKEA frame again.

I do like the idea of using it to display the weather etc., so I might revisit it when I get the time. I think it looks pretty nice.


Hey Steven,

That one looks even better! I am yet to really get into E-ink screens though am super keen on the idea and the power usage of them for portable projects.

Great project idea and an even better looking execution of it!


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this project was featured on our social media recently (Instagram post)

How good! What an upgrade :smiley: The colour display and custom mat really enhance the visual appeal.
(i grew up on cyanide and happiness comics so mad nostalgia cred too :laughing:

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