EuroPi - an open source module for Eurorack

Has anyone built a EuroPi GitHub - Allen-Synthesis/EuroPi: EuroPi: A reprogrammable Eurorack module based on the Raspberry Pi Pico as I’m thinking of getting the parts locally and building a few, and plugging them into my Eurorack! Eurorack modules are so expensive - perhaps this is a solution as it seems open source.

You can get kits overseas Allen Synthesis - EuroPi - Exploding Shed but they are expensive IMO.

Here is the list of parts - would appreciate any help sourcing them.


Welcome back Andy :smiley:

Looks like an awesome project!
Which parts in particular were you having trouble sourcing? Using the Core search you should be able to find most, if not all parts!

Let us know if you have any trouble finding any and we’ll jump in and help!


Hi Andy
Except for maybe the OLED display you should be able to get all of these parts from Core, Jaycar or any components supplier locally. I can’t see anything special about any of it. The Farnell mentioned is Element 14 here in Aust.
Cheers Bob

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Ok I went through the parts list and found about half of the parts.

Here is what I couldn’t find at core electronics - will have to do some more searching to find the rest. I now appreciate the value of kits - this is fiddly work!

cannot find at core electronics

100k resistor

220k resistor

4.7 K resistor

22k resistor

1uF Microfarad Capacitor, polarised - Your page says stock expected “Late July 2021” ??

LED, Flat Top, 3mm, Red - round ones are out of stock too at core

OLED Graphic Display Module, 128 x 32, 3V, Passive Matrix, White - WEA012832FWPP3N00000

3.5mm Mono Jack Sockets - three pin for pcb mounting

PCB Connection Header Header, 2 Row, 4 Way - 4x2 2.54mm

Socket, PCB, 2.54mm, 2 Row, Vertical, 8 Way

Header, 1 Row, Vertical, 4 Way - I2C Header (Male) 4x1 2.54mm

Quad Operational Amplifier (+ Socket) Operational Amplifier, Quad, 3MHz, 13V/us, 7V to 36V, DIP, 14 Pins - TL074ACN

Eurorack Power Cable

0.5m Black Micro USB Cable - need 0.5m not 1m

Hi Andy
Do as I suggested and try Jaycar.
You should get everything except maybe the Oled display and Eurorack power cable whatever that is. I am sure there will be equivalents available locally.
Cheers bob

All the resistors are available in this pack:
1/4W Resistor Pack -2000 PCS | DFRobot FIT0119 | Core Electronics Australia (
The capacitor is in this pack:
120 Pack of Electrolytic Capacitors (12 types, 10 of each) | Core Electronics Australia (
The LED is in this pack:
3mm LED Pack (50 pcs) | DFRobot FIT0244 | Core Electronics Australia (
The OLED display is unlikely to be stocked in Australia under that number, but it is likely that the only important specifiction is 128x32, 3.3V and I2C. Eg:
Monochrome 0.91”128x32 I2C OLED Display | DFRobot DFR0648 | Core Electronics Australia (
The 3.5mm mono jack is best sourced from some discarded audio equipment. I suspect that the PCB header and socket could only be located using a visual match, as that description can cover a range of possible connectors. Or, perhaps the actual type doesn’t matter as long as they are a pair and the pin spacing is correct. In any case, more detail would be required in order to identify it in a catalogue. Similarly for the I2C header - the description could cover any number of possible connectors and is likely specififed as a match to some other component. The Quad OpAmp is available from many sources, such as Mouser, Element14 and DigiKey. The difficulty might be finding a supplier for just one. The socket is a standard 14-pin DIL and is not specific to the IC. The power cable is available from a number of specialist suppliers - the likely problem is that the shipping costs more than the cable. It is also likely that it is catalogued as a generic item, such as

For the USB cable, I can’t imagine that the length or color actually matters.