Does Bluefruit LE SKU: ADA1697 can work as master and slave?

Hi, I am building an Arduino Bluetooth transmission system that will require me setting up an Arduino board with a master bluetooth shield connected to sesnosrs and a slave Arduino board with another bluetooth shield connected to the computer. The system will require the master to send data via bluetooth and the slave receive those data and process them to the computer.

My question is: Can the Bluefruit LE SKU: ADA1697 shield work as either a master (Transmitter) and Slave (Receiver)?

Thank you!



Also, for the system setup that I am building, do you reccommend a better bluetooth module/shield that would work better?

Hi Omar,

I couldn’t see details in the nRF8001 datasheet re master mode. HC-05’s can operate in master mode, although they are not LE.

Re master/slave; both can transmit/receive. Just that the master can establish and connect to slaves (pairing).