“Domination” push button boxes with Timer & comms between Nodes

Hi everyone,

For those familiar to games with multiple “flag/Domination” games, I’m making some control boxes for Paintball for the same purpose.

We have already made some control boxes that have the game timer in each, with push buttons that switch which team controls the box, with an Arduino.

At this stage non of the boxes communicate to each other, and both need to be manually switched at the same time at the beginning of each game.

I’ve been watching some interesting videos with LoRa and thought there would be a way in which I could make a master box to reset all Nodes at the same time, as well as report the times from each box at the end of the timer.

I’d like the system to have between 2-10 Nodes, with a max range of say 700m. Main range would be Max 100m between each Node, as the games will be in the bush.

At some stage I’d love to have the data of each Node sent to screen that you could see the live control on each one.

I know it possibly seems like a lot, but I think it should be fairly simple in practise.

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Hi Donovan,

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We’ve just released a new Makerverse Labs LoRa module that might suit this kind of application.
I’d recommend checking out the guide and video Tim put together when he used it to build a weather station.

Unidirectional communications are a lot easier to set up with these devices, as soon as you have to synchronise when to transmit and when to receive things get a bit trickier, but it can be done.

Do you have a LoRa gateway in your area you could piggyback off or would you need to make your own gateway to receive the data from the devices? I’m assuming if you’re out in the bush it’s BYO LoRa coverage.

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Hi Trent, thanks for letting me know.

I did see that video pop up but haven’t had a chance to watch it yet.

I don’t have a fixed Gateway location, as I was thinking I’d need the system to be mobile. My thought was to have the Gateway as the primary/master control box.

Hi I thought I’d revisit this question to see if any advances had been made since I last asked this.

A suggestion was made that the data from all Nodes could be sent to a web host and the data displayed on a screen.

Do I have to use something like The Things Network, or can I simply have it sent to a stand alone box? Basically, I’d like to be able to remotely send out say a refresh all from a command unit with a timer on it.