Scoreboard with Pico?

Has anyone done a a led based scoreboard before using any of the Pico gear?

Most have used the WS2812b led lights, so I’m wondering what type of other gear I would need.

Basically I’d like a clock as a timer, 2x single digit score boxes and 2x 12x18 team name areas. I’m not sure if I create a web server on a separate module or put it in this. It would need to be wireless as well.

I’d like to be able to run 2 team groups scores as well and thought I toggle switch could work.

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Hi Donovan,

Would it be possible to get a sketch?

In sunlight standard WS2812 strips get washed out by sunlight.

Were you looking to use actual clocks as timers?

Pico W’s are cheap enough vs other hardware that its probably easier to make two seperate ones vs trying to run and track two games at the same time.

Super keen to see this one come together!

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