Downloading Little Bits App issues

Hello, my daughter just got the Little Bits Electronic Music Inventor Kit for Christmas and we’ve tried a few times to download the app to my iPhone and when trying to download it, after a long while, it stops and says that there is an errow and we can’t download it. Can I download the app onto my Mac instead? Can you please help to understand why we can’t download it onto the phone? Thanks, Anna

Hi Anna,

From what I understand, the Apple App Store hosts apps and take care of the purchase and install, entirely.

Once the App installed and running, that’s when it connects to objects either locally or remotely. Aka; not likely an issue on littleBits side of the fence.

Might be worth trying again sometime to see if Apple have resolved the issue.

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It is possible that many people got Apple products for Christmas and were trying to download apps at the same time, causing the servers to get overloaded. While it used to be possible to download apps on a Mac or PC using iTunes, this is no longer possible and you have to download directly to your phone/tablet. Try again and hopefully the congestion will have cleared.