Little bits Avengers app discontinued


We bought the little bits hero inventor kit a while ago and stored it away for a rainy weekend for our sun. Full disclosure, I don’t think we got this from core, I think it was on special someplace else. The reason that I am asking in the core forums is that the Australian support of that product seems to be here.

So this is the product

So we finally opened this for our 7-year-old son, and it seems that the app that is required to use thing product is not available in Australia. It feels like it has been discontinued.

So my question, is there any way to get a generic scratch style programming interface with the Bluetooth module onboard? Does anyone have any good ideas about how we can code this with the app discontinued.

Thanks for your time


Hey David,

Yeah it looks like the app has been discontinued.

It might be worth giving the Code Kit app a go: littleBits Code Kit App - Chrome Web Store

It’s designed for the Code bit but it wouldnt hurt trying!

Also if neither of those work is there any indication of the internals? Such as the name of the Bluetooth device or if you can see the module itself?


Thanks so much for the reply Liam. Yes we tried the little bit Code Kit App but there is no we had no luck with it.

It is not an amazing photo, but this is a picture of our Bluetooth module:

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That’s a Nordic nRF51822 device. The required tools are here, but I have no idea how accessible it is.

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Hey David,

Maybe give the littlebits app a go?


Hi Liam,

Thanks so much for persisting with this, I really do appreciate it. So this link seems to only be for ChromeOS

The second link looks like it is only for Android, but we have downloaded the equivalent on ou iOS devices in the house and you seem to need to have one of three kits, which is not the Avengers app.

There seems to be no way to break out of the environment and just connect to the BLE module and start putting some code in.

It is weird because the kit is still being sold: Avengers Hero Inventor Kit - Kids 8+ Build & Customize Electronic Super Hero Gear : Toys & Games and there are reviews from customers with similar experiences, that the app is discontinued.

@Jeff105671, that looks interesting, but I suspect it may be beyond my 7 year old :wink:

Thanks again for persisting with this.